6 Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast in Atlanta

So you are in a position where you want or need to sell your house quickly. While it’s true that everybody wants to sell their house fast, some people don’t have the option to wait. Maybe you are facing foreclosure, maybe you’re moving, maybe your job isn’t working out. Regardless of whether you “want” or … Continued

7 Steps to Sell Your House By Owner in Georgia

Ready to sell your house in Georgia, but don’t want to spend the money to hire a real estate agent? Read our latest article on 7 steps that you can take to sell your house by owner in Georgia. Reasons to Sell Your House By Owner The most likely reason that you are considering For … Continued

Why Isn’t My House Selling in Atlanta

Why do some homes sell right away? Why do some sit on the market for months at a time? And why isn’t your house selling? In our latest post, we will help you to consider some reasons why your house isn’t selling, and what you can do about it! Selling a home takes work. It … Continued

Would An Investor Buy My House In Atlanta For My Asking Price?

Are you looking to sell a house in Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia? Then this blog post will answer the question, “Would an investor buy my house in Atlanta for my asking price?” Keep reading to find out the answer… I wanted to spend a little more time diving into explaining why working with an … Continued

Why You Should Consider Owner Financing When Selling a House in Atlanta

Do you want to sell your house in Atlanta? Using an owner financing agreement can help you find buyers faster and ensure you are getting a great price for your home. Learn more about some of the perks of using selling using this method in our latest post!  Providing owner financing to potential buyers is … Continued

Foreclosure Notice of Default in Georgia– what is it?

Have you received a Foreclosure Notice of Default? And now you are wondering what your next steps are? Well, there is no need to panic, but you do need to act. Let’s break it down. Basically, a foreclosure notice of default is a document that must be filed by a lender to begin the process … Continued

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure – What’s the Difference?

If you are facing potential foreclosure, you may have heard the term “short sale.” Here we will discuss the difference between a short sale vs. foreclosure, and what you need to know. What Is a Foreclosure In Atlanta, Georgia? As defined by Redfin… “A foreclosed home is one that has been repossessed by a lender … Continued

How Current Events Are Impacting Home Sellers in Atlanta

We’re living in a crazy time! Learn how current events are impacting home sellers in Atlanta and what you can do to sell your house as quickly as possible! At the time of this writing, we are right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has changed how things are done across many … Continued

What is a Pre-Foreclosure in Atlanta?

With millions of homes across the country going into foreclosure, it’s important for homeowners to understand how the pre-foreclosure process works. So What is a Pre-Foreclosure Anyway? Many homeowners across America and Atlanta face difficulties making their monthly mortgage payments. If a homeowner misses 3-6 months of mortgage payments, the lending institution may issue a warning … Continued

Common Real Estate Terms and Glossary

Hi there! I want to put together a glossary of common real estate terms that homeowners may hear a lot from real estate agents and investors, but don’t necessarily know what they mean. Every industry has a bunch of common terms and “industry-speak” that we throw around, but don’t always take the time to explain … Continued